About​ the Author

Maximiliano Silva

First published at just seven years old…

Max came up with the idea for The Adventures of Rex and Sasha at the age of six, after being inspired to write and publish his own book. He worked with his mom to get all of his ideas turned into a fun adventure for other children and released the book for his seventh birthday.

The first book was a collaborative process where Max dictated the content and described what illustrations he wanted. Once the first book was released, Max was inspired to continue creating!

The second book was released in October, 2023 at the age of ten for Max, and he intends to continue releasing books in the series as he gets older.

Max enjoys spending time with family, creative activities, and has a tarantula, Fluzzy, and four dogs.

Katelyn Silva

Co-illustrator and multi-published, bestselling author…

Katelyn Silva is the author of eleven books, some under a pen name, and five times bestseller. She is a God-fearing devoted wife and homeschooling mother of four, who has overcome significant life challenges.

She is the founder of We Write Books and Coffee Date with Jesus, a speaker, and the host of the 1 Minute Writing Tip podcast. She works with Christian women to get clarity on their book idea, confidently write and publish a bestseller, and use it as a tool for impact, authority, and accomplishing their God-given purpose.

Katelyn is passionate about theology, encouraging others in their faith, and pointing them toward the truth and authority of God’s Word. She believes every person has a unique story worth telling and that your book can change a life.


To learn about entrepreneurship, produce a variety of fun and engaging books, and be able to support causes we believe in.


Honesty, integrity, and faith
Joy in all circumstances​
Biblical worldview​
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